1st Website of poetry in Aruba



Hi my name is JAM PAT born 1952 better known as JIM JABS.

Dating back quite a while ago, whilst having a stroll personally speaking eye have experienced a split second whizzing sound, buzzing in my left ear seemingly a direct line from above all, The Almighty instantaneously came on, There & Then.
I got an inspirational, spontaneous, miraculous, complimentary, celestial, commentary as following, after the whizzing notice “You are a POET, and you never knew it!”
Immediately I have responded “SO” the reply was “SO! How old are you?” There and then I have responded. FIFTY TWO
The following was “SO! What year were you born?”
I responded in a cold sweat FIFTY TWO!
Then finally the Lord said to me “SO! It’s high time for you to know! Keep up, with the good work.”
And so I’m grateful to the Almighty and as a sign of appreciation.
I would like to start up this website.

“Know Wonders”

Eye have started this website HighFidelityPoetry.com and has occupied #1 on the list of google for years, with the above mentioned name & title & letter heading. As an individual eye find my listing quite remarkable outstanding and unique… Well well, Eye do hope that all of you beloved viewers and followers shares my opinion on this registry.

So that one day eye may get, an official acknowledgment and recognition from google intl: for my post on their registry that would be quite an achievement for the whole wide world, for peace and pieces of phrases of some of my political poetries. Lots of luck & love to you all from me Jim Jabs, your sincerely HighFidelity Perpetual Poet, of Aruba.

“TOGETHERNESS” to me syndicates& symbolizes, that we are all, A one family on planet Earth! no wonder eye would appreciate yours, complimentary commentary or feedback.weather or whither eye should proceed, this programme of poetry in a form of a book. I will surely&purely have yours say. Into my consistent consideration with yours remarks to that, in interest of a piece of mind, for world peace!